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A Light in the Hardship

A Hungarian memoir of Yisrael Fleischmann, a Charedi Holocaust survivor from Szikszó, Hungary.

The Last Thirty Years

A bilingual photo album of the Sándor Scheiber Prize laurate photographer, András Villányi.

The Synagogues of Budapest

A bilingual photo album of the synagogues of Budapest by Péter Kormos and András Villányi.

The Last Thirty Years

András Villányi (1948–), a Sándor Scheiber Prize laureate artist has been taking photographs of the Hungarian Jewry since the 1970s, including all its branches from the orthodoxy to the neolog community, holidays and weekdays, times of joy and moments of mourning, men and women, the elderly and the young from the birth until the grave. Into this bilingual edition the best pieces of this several decades long work were selected, which faithfully record the everyday life of the Hungarian Jews for the future generations. An English and Hungarian text of Tamás Lichtmann accompanies the photos, which describes in detail the background of the events depicted by the pictures. An essay by Gábor Zrinyifalvi complements the volume about the works of András Villányi.

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  • Pictures: András Villányi
  • Text: Lichtmann Tamás
  • Year: 2006
  • Price: 5500 Ft
  • ISBN: 963-229-230-8
  • Pages: 178